How To: Skip Dire, Dire Docks in a Super Mario 64 TAS

Skip Dire, Dire Docks in a Super Mario 64 TAS

Super Mario 64 is one of the most influential games of all time and a favorite of TAS aficionados the world over. This video will teach you a cool TAS trick that will allow you to skip the Dire, Dire Docks level and improve your competition time substantially.

From the Creator:

Anyway, basically, the easiest way to do a skip is to first get close to the stairs and then make savestates once Mario completely stops moving. Next, look at the angle of the stairs and compare it to Mario. Now make an educated guess using the TAS input on a possible angle. Next, perform a long jump and hold backwards. Once Mario gets close to the stairs, try to find and angle where Mario will fall from the top step to the bottom all in 1 frame. Sometimes seeing Mario fall after a frame or two can help make sure you have a good angle. If Mario doesn't fall or such, test another angle until you get results.

Once you fall from a step, find some angle where Mario will blj up the step once and fall right after that. Repeat until Mario cant do anymore. Now to a blj and angle it so it goes towards the pillar near the door. Do an air blj from there to gain speed. Next, find and angle where Mario can clip through the door yet maintain the backwards speed. Once you find it, test different frames on doing the final blj. If you don't make it, redo the angle at the pillar.

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